Simple Steps to Getting Started with Buying Suppressors

Suppressor ownership is legal in Wisconsin. Many people don’t know how to get started with buying a suppressor. Let us help you through the process. We are a “Powered by Silencer Shop Dealer” with a kiosk for doing the fingerprints electronically, along with the passport photos. There is no charge for using the kiosk if you are purchasing a suppressor through us directly, or by using the link below. We can also be your transfer FFL for NFA items purchased from other dealers or online. The is no transfer fee for items purchased from us. There is a blog post about the process here. To order an item from Silencer Shop please visit and “bookmark” our “Ordering a Suppressor” page. If you still have any questions about the process please give us a call at 414-750-3688 or fill out the following form.

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If you do not find what you are looking for at our link to Silencer Shop please contact us. We have access to several other resources for suppressors. We can usually price match other shops also.

Click the images below to visit the these manufacturers sites.

Rugged Suppressors.jpeg
Griffin Armament.jpg
Tac Sol.jpg
Q Trash Panda.jpeg
Dead Air Head_edited.jpg
Dead Air_edited.jpg
Yankee Hill Machine.jpg
Thunder Beast Arms.png
OSS Supressors_edited.jpg

As of 1/1/2022 OSS Suppressors are now going be marked Huxwrx Safety Co.

Otter Creek Labs LLC
Resilient Suppressors LLC

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