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Testing a Ruger 10/22

This is a “Liberty Training Rifle” I set up for my wife to use for an shoot. It’s a standard Ruger 10/22 that’s had a few modifications done to it.

First thing I changed was the sights. It now has “Tech Sights”. Giving it a longer sight radius, along with having a sight picture very similar to an AR style rifle. These sights also adjust in a way that is more predictable, than using a hammer on the factory sights. Here’s the link:

Next up was the stock. The one I chose was the RM4 by Adaptive Tactical. This stock allows for the length of pull to be easily adjusted and has a pistol grip that feels similar to an AR. The “Muddy Girl” camo pattern also helps it stand apart from the other rifles on the line. Here’s the link:

There have been some internal changes made to make the rifle easier to use. The bolt lock has been modified, allowing it to be released with just a slight pull. Additionally the magazine release has been changed to a paddle style, for easier and faster magazine changes. The extractor has been upgraded, with one from Power Custom ( for reliability. A jig was used to add a hole at the rear of the receiver, allowing the barrel to be cleaned from the chamber end without the need for removal. So far there has been no trigger work.

Other accessories added, are a cuff style sling and 10 round stick style magazines.

She used Armageddon Gear ( items to eliminate shooter input from influencing group size. I am also an Armageddon Dealer if you are interested in what you see here.

The Dillon Precision ( shooting mat came in handy since the range was damp from the frost coming out of the ground and snow melting.

Well that’s the background info, here’s the meat of the story.

Since you can’t reload for .22 rimfire the only way to shoot small groups is to test what that firearm likes. First up were some CCI Stingers. This rifle definitely did not like those. I think the bolt velocity was too high, in that the bolt is hitting the rear of the receiver before the bullet leaves the muzzle opening up the group size. Not good for what she wants to do with this rifle.

We moved on to trying different loads from Winchester. One was a 36 grain hollow point that comes in a 555 round bulk box. This was much better than the Stingers, it actually grouped. This is rated as a high velocity round instead of Hyper Velocity like the Stingers. I would say the groups were fair, but still workable for training.

Next up was Winchester Super X 40 Grain round nose. These grouped really well in her rifle (and mine as well). If she had to shoot an AQT (Appleseed Qualification Test) right now this is what she would use.

Lastly we tried some Federal ammo. It too grouped fair, similar to the first Winchester’s we tried. These were the last groups for this day. She didn’t think that this was a good representation of what this ammo could do since her concentration was starting to go. We decided that she should retest this one next time.

This is not a reflection of the quality of the ammunition we tried. This is just what we observed with this particular rifle, on one day, with the ammunition we already had.

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