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Welcome to DW Customs

Although specializing in the AR platform, we have experience with most types of firearms. Always willing to look at a job. If it is outside of my skills I am going to tell you upfront. We would love to talk to you about doing a custom built AR for you. If you are new to the market we can help you narrow down what firearm will fill your needs. Ladies, my wife is able help by giving advice from the female perspective. 



This is one of my best creations. It’s the rifle I fitted to my wife, and the one she recently used to take her first deer. The Magpul Hunter stock was adjusted to her length of pull and a cheek piece was added to line her eye up with scope. With the stock fitted to her I was then able to properly set the eye relief. Since the rifle is set up to her she was able to quickly execute a standing unsupported shot at approximately 70 yards. The resulting double lung hit made for a short track in the dark. Let me know if you need a new or old rifle fitted to you.